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Confira os principais questionamentos sobre Carpintaria:

  • How Do I Hire America Carpentry Services?
    Our Services: 1. If you already have the project developed by a professional (designer, architect, decorator), just get in touch and send the projects so that we can budget and get them all right. the details. 2. If you still don't have the project, you can contact us, by phone or email, and we will understand your needs and measure the environment to develop the furniture tailored for you.
  • What are the Differentials in Hiring America Carpentry Services?
    Our commitment is to better serve the customer and respect the projects of professionals in the field: decorators, architects and designers. By hiring us, you can be sure that you are hiring qualified professionals, first class structure to make the furniture with precision, without imperfections.
  • Carpenter: What do you do and what services do you hire him for?
    You've probably heard someone talk about a carpenter and it's normal that you don't know or have doubts about what this professional does. That's why we're here to better clarify this profession and show you the different services they provide. If you are planning to build a house or even a commercial property, you may be very interested in the benefits of hiring a carpenter. Carpenters work with raw or solid wood with the intention of transforming this wood into pieces. These pieces made from wood can be used in constructions, furniture, tools, articles for civil construction, shipbuilding, among many others. Generally, carpenters learn everything they know from older professionals, maintaining a lineage in the field.
  • What is the most used wood in American homes?
    The most common building system in American homes is the Wood Frame, which uses pine wood structural boards.
  • How much does a carpentry service cost per hour?
    This is a very common question as it can sometimes be difficult to determine how much a carpenter's services might cost. In fact, the final cost usually depends on the type of service requested, since installing a door or window is not the same as building a table or bookcase. Through the 'Make your budget' button on our Home, you will be directed to a form where basic information to be filled in can estimate the cost of the service more assertively. If you have any doubts, consult us via our chat or whatsapp, we will always give you the best possible guidance.
  • What factors may influence the prices of a carpentry service?
    We have summarized the most important ones below: Material: Many of the carpenters who set hourly prices do not include material in these numbers. This is something you have to take into account, as depending on the type of wood the price can vary greatly. For example, working with softwoods, which are lighter and cheaper, is not the same as working with hardwoods, which are more aesthetic. and of superior quality; Finishes: This is another vital aspect of carpentry work, as it is the finishes that give the final look to the project. If you want to include embellishments such as baseboards or cornices, the price can go up. Remember that to carry them out, the carpenter will have to invest more time and effort; Need to move: Most carpenters have their own workshop. The works carried out there are usually cheaper than those that must be carried out at the client's home. And it turns out that when they need to move, they usually add an extra amount to their regular rate to cover that cost.
  • What are the benefits of a carpentry service?
    The carpentry service brings great advantages when it comes to making the wooden structures of your project, one of which is that it becomes possible to achieve a shorter delivery time and faster assembly time. You can also be sure that important items for the structure of the property will be made the way you requested, with quality and in the measures necessary for your home. Some pieces are fundamental to the infrastructure, but also influence the decoration, such as decks and windows. When ordering them, the carpenter will produce them in a personalized way, adapting to your style and taste.
  • What is the difference between joinery and carpentry?
    Works involving joinery and carpentry services basically involve the use of wood. The main difference, despite the similarities in the professions, is that woodworking works with a greater focus on the manufacture and repair of furniture, involving a more artisanal handling of the material. Carpentry involves services more related to civil construction and its installation. Carpentry professionals need to have geometric knowledge and more refined technical precision to be used in the installation and development of parts or parts of a construction.
  • Can a carpenter build stairs?
    As it is a profession that requires an advanced knowledge of geometry and a mastery of the parts being used, the carpenter can also be responsible for building stairs, especially when the intention is to make the structure more durable, with a material of more quality and that needs a qualified professional to develop the structure with more experience.
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