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Why are US homes made of wood?


One of the main reasons that houses in the United States are made of wood is linked to the ease with which the material can be found in the country, lowering its costs.


With the wooden structure, it is possible to build a spacious house in a space of a few days, making the cost of labor less and the construction simple and without a headache.

Also, many people take advantage of the ease of building wooden houses to study the right skill set and equipment so they can do the task on their own and save even more. If you choose to live in the US, for example, you will often find various kits that homeowners can use to build their own log homes in supermarkets and home improvement stores.


As a flexible material and easy to remodel, wood has become a good choice for building houses in areas where tornadoes and earthquakes occur.

If the house is destroyed, the task of rebuilding it will not be so difficult, and in addition, the wood does not crack like masonry.


Perhaps the most obvious and popular justification, wood has great heating potential – being a great conductor of heat, which makes it ideal for regions with intense winters. Even heaters are more efficient in wooden houses. That is, as wood is known to be able to absorb moisture easily, the item ends up serving as a natural air conditioner.

Another important point is that, unlike brick, wood is a flexible material, so it is able to withstand low-intensity earthquakes – common in some parts of the country.


You know that old story of suffering from the noise caused by the neighborhood or even in other rooms in the house? In properties built in wood, problems like this are rare, as the item also serves as a natural noise insulator. So, if you are someone who is easily annoyed by noise, this can be a big plus.

More affordable prices

With all these benefits in mind, it's easier to understand why Americans continue to use wood as their primary home-building masterpiece in all 13 states. Not only is wood a cheaper and more accessible material than the familiar combination of bricks and cement, it is also very practical and simple to work with.

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